Effective immediately: City of Sunland Park to require Villa Valencia ARC approval prior to issuing construction permits

by Raul Telles, President VVHOA

I spoke to the Sunland Park Building Inspector in reference to a few homes that were reported to his office over the course of the past month.

The million dollar question was, “Was your Architectural Committee working on these two request?” Fortunately we were privy to one of the building request. As for the other porch that started being constructed, we were not. He mentioned to one of the owners that the person building it was not in compliance with the required building materials or structural design.

Neighbors, please beware of the new neighborhood onlookers that always sprout up offering cheap building of additions, porches among other services. Although they may be good people, they do not have the permits and licenses that will only cost the owner more money in the long run to either correct or remove the structure.

There is a process for approval that is submitted to our community Architectural Committee prior to building anything or requesting a building permit. Effective immediately, Sunland Park will not issue any permits for construction unless the request is vetted through our Architectural Committee.

Again, please don’t fall for the cheap shortcut that will cost more in the long run. If someone offers you a service, ask them to provide you a builders license that is both bonded and insured to avoid any mistake or mishaps. The main idea is to protect all of our interest and avoid our neighborhood’s value to decrease.


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