An open letter to the people responsible for trampling our park plants

By Jorge Garcia

During the last week of February 2017, HOA President Raul Telles announced an offer on Facebook for any family in the community willing to volunteer to plant a red yucca at our large park on Megan St. Mr. Telles was in possession of two plants provided by the HOA. After no one responded to the offer, I volunteered myself, wife, and two daughters to take part in beautifying our park. On Saturday February 25, we spent some of our afternoon planting both yuccas on the northwest corner of the basketball court.

Eight days later, on March 5, someone quite literally trampled all over our family’s work and dedication.

Based on the shoe prints around the trampled yuccas, I am assuming children did this. If you’re the parent of the child(ren) who did this, teach your children some manners. Teach them to take pride in their neighborhood, be considerate of others, and to respect public property. Sure, we can’t watch our kids every second of every day–I get it. Be that as it may, their behavior starts at home. You disrespected my family’s efforts and willingness to make our park and community a little more presentable, and it certainly isn’t appreciated. As a matter of fact, the disrespect extends beyond my family and towards the community in general, because this is our park.

I was angry and disheartened when I found out about this, and it’s not so much about the plants, it’s about having some common decency. So, I ask you from one parent to another, steer them in the right direction. Letting something slide as minor as trampling a couple of plants can escalate to more serious behavior later, until something significantly bad happens and it’s too late.

This is our community. Most of us are paying the HOA dues and taxes to maintain it. Please do your part and discipline your kids, and teach them to be proud of their neighborhood. There are many people working very hard behind the scenes to ensure their parks are presentable and safe to play in. Get them involved in any way, shape, or form so they can appreciate it.



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