Big Park on Megan gets new trash bins and pet waste station

After several years, the big park finally has two trash receptacles and a pet waste station for all park visitors to use accordingly. VVHOA president Raul Telles spearheaded the effort with the City of Sunland Park to expedite the installation of this equipment. After a few delays, the new additions were installed Friday. 


VV HOA President meets with Sunland Park City Manager to address concerns on project delays

VV HOA President Raul Telles met with Sunland Park City Manager Bob Gallagher to address concerns regarding city project delays within the Villa Valencia community:

I had an extremely effective meeting with our City Manager, Mr. Gallagher today. There have been several pending community concerns that have been held up with some of the city employees without any action or updates for them.

Some of the discussed concerns included the trash can purchase for our large park, street/park lights, our many leaning street sign poles, a terrible fix for a street sign pole on Durrill and Megan Streets, the exposed sewer pipes on Comerciantes and speeding.

Shortly afterward he addressed these concerns on top of a lack of updates, professional etiquette and city ownership at a special meeting he called with all concerned employees. We should have movement on some of these concerns soon.

Effective immediately: City of Sunland Park to require Villa Valencia ARC approval prior to issuing construction permits

by Raul Telles, President VVHOA

I spoke to the Sunland Park Building Inspector in reference to a few homes that were reported to his office over the course of the past month.

The million dollar question was, “Was your Architectural Committee working on these two request?” Fortunately we were privy to one of the building request. As for the other porch that started being constructed, we were not. He mentioned to one of the owners that the person building it was not in compliance with the required building materials or structural design.

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Community dumpster drop-off days hugely successful, Board of Directors considering repeating event quarterly

From March 10 to March 13, the City of Sunland Park dropped off two roll-away dumpsters in front of the large park for residents of both Villa Valencia and Edgemont. Based on the amount of trash that was disposed of, the event was a great success, so much so that the Villa Valencia Homeowners Association’s Board of Directors (VVBOD) is considering repeating the event once every quarter in partnership with Edgemont’s HOA.


The VVBOD will provide updates regarding future dumpster drop-off’s as they become available.


Securing your home as the weather warms up


As outdoor temperatures rise, so do crime rates. The community’s Facebook page has seen an increase in posts from home owners reporting having fallen victim to acts of vandalism, theft of property, and suspicious activity. Between mid-February and early March, we’ve been made aware of a home and vehicle shot with a paintball gun, children trespassing into the storm drainage areas, the theft of outdoor/gardening products from someone’s yard, and a home owner witnessing what appeared to be shadows of people meddling around his property.

With homes still in construction in our community, we are an ideal target for vandals and petty thieves, especially as the weather begins to warm up. If you witness a crime or suspicious activity, you are encouraged to call Doña Ana Central Dispatch at 575-526-0795. In case of an emergency, dial 911.

If you can squeeze a home surveillance system into your budget, security cameras are highly recommended. Photos and video don’t lie. Virtually every modern home surveillance system offers smartphone apps that allow you to monitor your property at all times and can even alert you if motion is detected via email or phone notification. If you are a member of a wholesale club like Sam’s or Costco, you will find great deals on home surveillance system bundles that include up to eight cameras. If you dread hiring a professional or running cable through your attic and behind walls, there is a home surveillance system that is truly 100% wireless.

Among other recommendations from other community home owners – a home alarm system, stainless steel screws for your doors’ strike plates that are long enough to drill into your door frame, outdoor lighting with motion detection, light switch timers, and storm doors. For more home security tips, click here.