Week In Review: Parks beautification complete, watch for children, handling vandalism

February 19, 2017

The park beautification project that was approved at this month’s meeting was completed at the large park.



Photos by: Raul Telles

February 22, 2017

A homeowner’s house is vandalized with a paintball gun over the previous weekend. The crime was unreported. Villa Valencia HOA President Raul Telles urges homeowners to report any acts of vandalism to the police, and reports that unnamed Villa Valencia homeowners were cited for their children writing graffiti on park playground equipment. A quote from Mr. Telles via Facebook:

As a word of caution, any type of criminal vandalism such as this needs to be reported to the police department before the offenders think that this is an acceptable norm within our community…I kindly ask that everyone remains proactive and reports the criminal intent they are preview to. A family within our community has already been given a citation warning for their children marking on the playground equipment. These are our parks and furthermore our neighborhood. We are not only stewards to our property but to our community as well. If we allow for our community to be tarnished, then the value of our properties go down with it.

February 23, 2017

A two-year-old girl is killed after getting run over by her own father in northeast El Paso. With the weather warming up, Social Committee Chairman Jorge Garcia offers a friendly reminder to drive with caution around our community:

The weather is warming up and we are beginning to see more children playing on our neighborhood streets. I kindly urge you all to please drive responsibly around our community and always watch out for children…

…Parents, we all know we try our very best to watch our kids, but realistically, we can’t watch them every second of every day. It only takes a moment of our diverted attention for our babies to vanish out of sight.

Febuary 25, 2017

The park beautification project approved by the board earlier this month wraps up with work completed at the small park.

Photos by Raul Telles

Villa Valencia family contributes to beautification project, plants two yuccas at large park

Villa Valencia homeowner Jorge Garcia and family made plans to contribute to the park beautification project by planting two red yuccas at the large park along with HOA president Raul Telles and his brother, Gabriel Telles. The red yuccas are still growing and will begin blooming their coral bell-shaped flowers starting around May, which will last through October.

Photos by Raul Telles. Bottom: Garcia’s 2-year-old daughter wasn’t having it.


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