After standing obscure for over a year, street light on Ashwood is finally turned on

When Social Committee Chairman Jorge Garcia spoke to several home owners along Ashwood Street, the same concern was echoed by all neighbors he spoke with – their street light had not worked since they each moved in.

Some homes along Ashwood are at least a year old.

On January 19, Garcia reported the light to EP Electric and was told it would take up to 10 days to get fixed. 10 days came and went and the light was still out, so Mr. Garcia contacted them again. This time, he was given a report number and after another week without resolution, HOA President Raul Telles stepped in and called EP Electric with Garcia’s report number. They did not find it in their system. 

After being bounced around different departments, Mr. Telles wound up speaking to a manager and got the ball rolling again with a new report number. On Valentine’s Day, Villa Valencia home owner Eliana Jordan contacted Mr. Garcia with a photo to confirm the street light was finally lit.


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