February 9, 2017 meeting: New committee officers, changes to parks imminent, new rules and regulations draft presented

The Villa Valencia Board of Directors would like to congratulate Ms. Monica Godinez and Mr. Victor Gonzalez for their induction into the ARC and Parks & Gardens Committee, respectively. Ms. Godinez joins Ms. Anakaren Valenzuela as an ARC Committee Officer and will be working along with ARC Chairman Jorge Sustaita. Mr. Gonzalez will be working alongside interim Parks & Gardens Committee Chairman Raul Telles.

The Board of Directors and community homeowners unanimously voted to accept a proposal from At-Ease Lawn Care Services to perform major upkeep in and around both parks. The maintenance project will cost approximately $1,966 and will take two weeks to complete. Work is set to begin in March. The Board is also in the process of attempting to privatize both parks. The project is currently at city level awaiting approval. Privatizing our parks means only Villa Valencia residents will be able to use them exclusively. The idea was proposed after receiving complaints from residents regarding outside parties using the neighborhood parks for sports practices.

HOA President Raul Telles presented a draft of new rules and regulations that will mostly address issues with the neighborhood’s overall appearance that are not covered in the original covenants. Among some of the new proposed regulations are as follows:

  • Vehicles are to be parked only along street curbs, on driveways, or in garages. During door-to-door invites and at the meet-and-greet, members of the Board received complaints from residents regarding vehicles being parked on front lawns or on the sides of homes.
  • Pets shall be leashed at all times anywhere within community common areas. The Board also received complaints from residents regarding people letting their dogs run loose at both parks and while walking with their pets. One neighbor claimed to have been knocked down by a loose dog at one of our parks.
  • Holiday decoration removal. Holiday decorations shall be removed by 28 Feb, 2017.

The final draft of rules and regulations will be presented at a future meeting. For complete details of the meeting, click here to view or download the official minutes.


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