Why you should pay your HOA dues monthly or at the beginning of each quarter


Photo by Jamie Grill

One of the items discussed at our February 9, 2017 meeting was DANA Properties’ partnership with Sperlonga, which collects payment data from DANA and reports it to the credit bureaus. At our meeting, Villa Valencia HOA President Raul Telles reported that he pays his HOA dues at the end of each quarter and inquired with DANA Properties whether that has the potential to be negatively reported, to which he was told it would not. Be that as it may, Mr. Telles was flagged as being delinquent. We do not want other members of the community to be negatively reported by DANA Properties to the credit bureaus.

To prevent that from happening, make HOA due payments at the beginning of each quarter (January, April, July, and October). Social Committee Chairman Jorge Garcia reported breaking his quarterly balance down into monthly payments through his bank’s bill pay service, which also saves him the $14.95 credit card processing fee DANA Properties charges if you make a payment from their website (they also offer a payment service by e-check with no processing fee for recurring payments). To set up your payments through your bank’s bill pay service, you’ll need your account number from DANA Properties’ quarterly statement and their mailing address.


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