HOA President and VP voluntarily remove rebar, spare affected residents from city fines

HOA President Raul Telles and Vice President Allen Goodman cut away rebar that was protruding from the easements behind Villa Valencia residents’ homes. Those residents were facing fines from the city, but the Board of Directors intervened. Mr. Telles and Mr. Goodman offered to get rid of the rebar to avoid affected residents from getting fined.

The Board of Directors recently learned that home owners living on Laurensito St. adjacent to Comerciantes Blvd. are responsible for maintaining the easement behind their homes. The city of Sunland Park was preparing to issue fines to several home owners who had pieces of rebar of various sizes protruding from the ground within their easements. It was too late to alert those home owners in a timely fashion, so Mr. Telles intervened on behalf of affected residents and informed city government officials that he would remove the rebar himself so affected neighbors would not be fined. Mr. Goodman volunteered to assist during our monthly meeting.

The task took about one hour to complete.

Photos: Jorge Garcia (Instagram: @PictureYouThis)

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