Important Information Regarding Easements

If your backyard faces Pete Domenici Hwy, Comerciantes, or is adjacent to Russell Blvd, please read.

The easement behind or adjacent to the streets mentioned above are the home owner’s responsibility to clean and maintain. Please keep this in mind to avoid being cited by Sunland Park Code Enforcement.

A handful of you who live on Laurensito with backyards facing Comerciantes have exposed rebar on your easements. This rebar was left behind by the home builders. The city was preparing to issue citations to those home owners, but the Board of Directors intervened. Mr. Telles and Mr. Goodman, our HOA President and VP, have offered to cut the exposed rebar to avoid home owners from being fined by the city. Mr. Telles will be notifying affected home owners personally. He and Mr. Goodman plan on cutting the rebar on Sunday February 12.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please comment or contact us.


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