Villa Valencia signage installed at all neighborhood entrances

As mentioned at last year’s meet-and-greet, one of the Association’s goals was to put up signs that read our neighborhood’s name at all entrances to our community. That goal was met today, as Elite Ironworks installed the signage on the rock walls on the corner of Russell Blvd. and Pete Domenici Hwy., Comerciantes and Megan St., and Comerciantes and Elizabeth St.

The next step will be for At-East Lawn Care to accent the signage with plants. For the time being, check out the newly installed signage below!

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LET THERE BE LIGHT! Villa Valencia parks lighting project is completed.

On Wednesday January 24, El Paso Electric began installing light poles at both Villa Valencia neighborhood parks. The project was supposed to be completed by the end of that day, but the crew encountered a few issues that extended the project to three work days. The work was officially completed on Monday January 29, and immediately, Villa Valencia homeowners took advantage of the new lighting to enjoy the parks a little later than usual, as described by homeowner Cristy Castillo-Diaz.

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Sunland Park City Council denies zoning change for proposed Valencia Hills apartment complex

On Tuesday January 16, City Council voted against an ordinance that would have approved rezoning land from a residential district to a multi-family residential district. The plot of land is located on the corner of Russell Blvd. and Pete Domenici Hwy, which has long been eyed by developers for a luxury apartment complex.

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PSA: Farm animals are not allowed in Villa Valencia


Please be advised that it’s against Villa Valencia’s CC&R’s to possess farm animals in our neighborhood (see Article 3.20). Also, Section 10-5C-2 of the Sunland Park City Code does not list the possession of farm animals as a permissive use for R-1 residential districts. If you see any home in which non-household animals such as livestock or poultry are being kept, please call Animal Control Officer Chaparro at 575-589-3631 (ext. 2090). If you live in Villa Valencia, you can also report it at or call 915-581-0900.

What’s That Noise?!


For Villa Valencia, 2018 started off with noise becoming a hot issue in the neighborhood. Based on comments and posts from Villa Valencia homeowners on our Facebook page, the top three noise complaints are:

  1. Incessant dog barking.
  2. Loud parties.
  3. Loud music from car audio systems.

Some homeowners even reached out directly to members of the board requesting intervention. The VVHOA does not have a CC&R dealing with noise because Title 4 of the Sunland Park City Code already addresses it. The board has no authority to enforce government laws, so homeowners will need to work directly with law enforcement regarding noise complaints. The noise level restrictions are as follows:

Residential: 50 dBA 9PM-7AM; 55 dBA 7AM-9PM

Motor Vehicles: (over 10,000 lbs) 90 dBA traveling < 45 MPH, 94 dBA traveling > 45 MPH. (all other vehicles) 77 dBA traveling < 45 MPH, 81 dBA traveling > 45 MPH.

For more information on noises prohibited, Sunland Park City Code Titles 4-4-4 through 4-4-7 are below. The entire Sunland Park City Code book is available to view here. The user name and password is public.

UPDATE: Corrected (under 10,000 lbs.) to (over 10,000 lbs.) for motor vehicle restrictions.

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A message from the president: It’s time for a change.

Raul Telles, Villa Valencia HOA President

The time has come to begin a shift in the way actions and legal processes are handled within our city. The fact remains that we cannot remove ourselves from the previous negative stigma that for far too long has overwhelmed our growing city’s reputation. In the same aspect of how I have humbly asked us all to take ownership of our highly regarded community, I propose once again that we take ownership of our city as well.

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Villa Valencia HOA: Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a homeowners association?
    • A homeowners association, or HOA, is an alliance between all homeowners in a neighborhood. HOA’s are formed to preserve its neighborhood’s image, safety, and property values by using a set of rules called Covenants, Codes, and Restrictions, or CC&R’s for short.
  • Why am I part of  the Villa Valencia HOA? 
    • When closing on a home in Villa Valencia, the buyer must agree to the HOA’s CC&R’s as they are attached to the home’s title. Signing acknowledgement of the HOA’s CC&R’s confirms the buyer agrees to join the HOA and abide by its CC&R’s.

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